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Don't strive to do it perfect. It can not be perfect. You may never do it because of it.


10 Sep By
In May 2015, in Singapore I decided to integrate blog in this website. Basically, I decided to build a completely new website because of it. And BTW, our third Acro campaign is launched as well as our third WEBSITE. Funny, right? I never wanted to keep knowledge just for myself. I love to teach and mentor […]
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Last giveaway before Acro third collection official launch.

Giveaway WINNERS (4).

03 Sep By
What a wonderful day, my friends. Hope you guys are doing really well. I am in a such a rush because of third collection launch tomorrow. If anyone wants to join us tomorrow in Lauba, send an email on and we will send you an invitation. I promise you that these giveaway blog posts […]
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