From the moment I started writing things down, I felt that there is something special happening, flowing through my hand, while concentrating what will be written down there. Lets face it – it was just a blank paper – and all of us were afraid of it at one point. 

Besides being afraid of it, I began to exploit it. On every single possible way. To draw my family, plan my meals, schedule my meetings, organise my homework, break down my finances and at the end, to describe a lifestyle that I really want to live in so bad. That’s how paper became my self-development tool. If you ask me – there is nothing better than piece of blank paper. For those who can really do whatever they want with it. Grow when they fill it up completely, and learn when they fall down not fulfilling the tasks.

From the moment when I remember I was conscious about myself I was telling people that there are usually two days in a year when I am sad, or in a bad mood. No matter of obstacles and resources, I live really happy and colourful life with many challenges I am enjoying being in. Yes, challenges is a right word. Something difficult became story to talk about at the end + it’s always so funny when you see what were you worried about.


Acro Goal Achiever – Sweet Victory; Photo credits: Mateja Vrckovic

That’s how the whole GOAL ACHIEVEMENT concept started. While working, I was drinking at least 2 coffees with my friends and colleagues a day, subconsciously giving them a lecture how to solve the situation with themselves. Talking firstly about the situations, than about the people and at the end about ideas. I concluded that most of them will rather find 15 reasons why not to do something what would change their lives than 1 argument that would win those 15. That’s what I was trying to tell you in the first paragraph – not everyone is ready to fill up the blank paper completely. But this is seriously nothing bad. Why would you even do that when there is something and someone who was working on that concept for a years?


Acro Goal Achiever – Sweet Victory; Photo credits: Mateja Vrckovic

As more than 5 000 people around the globe know, Acro is a planner that will help you to be where you want to be. It will learn you how to set your objectives, dream about your 100 wishes and imagine your perfect day. Write your 7 goals today and I promise you, if you do one small step towards your goal every second day – in six months you will be at least 2 giant steps closer to it.

No matter of the planner I want all of you who are reading my posts every Thursday morning at 9AM remember three things:

  1. Nothing will change if you don’t DECIDE to change the way of your thoughts.
  2. If you don’t write on your own blank paper, someone will hire you to fulfil their piece.
  3. Each morning be grateful for everything you have.

Don’t forget to smile and make your all dreams come true ACROSS THE GOALS.


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