In May 2015, in Singapore I decided to integrate blog in this website. Basically, I decided to build a completely new website because of it. And BTW, our third Acro campaign is launched as well as our third WEBSITE. Funny, right?

I never wanted to keep knowledge just for myself. I love to teach and mentor people, as well as I love people to sharing stories with me. My whole life is based on the stories and when I am looking back I can conclude that there are so many of them. I want you all to read them, breathe them and try to make your owns. And what I really really want from you all, is to read it with feeling of happiness and love, because I feel the same while sharing it.


Third collection, third website, third facebook campaigns, third story, third time and still not perfect. Completely understandable. And why? Because I just accepted it as something that I can work on, grow up with and develop my skills and human needs.

You have an idea about a new project? Did you break down all the details?

I want you to do it NOW. Just sit down, take 30 minutes, take a glass of wine and imagine what would your dream job look like? What would you be wearing every day? With whom would you communicate? Man or woman? Define your working hours. Define a place, describe your office. Does that syncs with your idea? Who do you want become in next 5 years? Than just do it. Just decide to put all of your energy in it – without thinking about resources. Without thinking that Coca-Cola can do it better than you. Without thinking that you can not do it because you have a lots of things to finish before you start a completely new thing. Bulls**t. Do it to grow with it, each minute, each day of each year.

So let me finally share my story about third campaign.

Most of you guys already know that I started this project two years ago, without anyone and anything. My first shooting was exactly 2 years and 2 months before sponsored by my mentor. There was only me, and my little planners. Two years after – we launched a campaign with 26 people shooting 8 scenes and recording video. And it is still not perfect. It is really funny way to learn all those things after doing them. But this is the only right way.

In Singapore, after big Tony Robbins seminar, I just realised that no one is celebrating their achievements enough to have an energy to achieve even better ones. And I was asking myself: Am I the only one jumping around the kitchen and dancing after selling 1000 Acro planners? So, we decided to show people how they can get crazy about achieving some small, but meaningful things that make their life happy by recording our video.

  1. We didn’t have scenario
  2. We had just idea, narrative text and people
  3. + of course the Video man – Rene Batista without whom everything would be impossible
  4. We wrote down some celebrating moments, pick the places and had the scenes in our minds
  5. We were actually laughing because of silly things Iva Sulentic told us in early morning
  6. We achieved our goal and celebrated it with Video Launch in Lauba last friday

This is our story from behind:






We learned two things:

  1. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for emotion.
  2. Forget about trying, execute.

PS If I would be thinking weather this post would be perfect for you readers I would never actually write it. Don’t lose your energy on things that are too complicated to conclude.

PSS Enjoy your evening and check our NEW COLLECTION.

Love, Eli