Hello, hello, my goal achievers!

It is time to announce a giveaway winner, but before that – I want all of you to know that so many more exciting things are coming on our profile that will blow you mind! I am watching carefully each of you achieving the things that are making you happy and seriously, it’s has never been a better time to reach your potential!

Did you fulfil the exercises on the beginning of your Acro? You should! You will not know what can happen before you do it. I promise you IT IS MAGICAL!

I forgot to warn you: When you are reposting a picture, your profile should not be private, otherwise I am not seeing a picture.

The winner of this small giveaway is: @k.piling!

Please send us your address on: acrossthegoals@gmail.com!


Thank you all for participating! We have a lot more to give away since Christmas is not even a 100 days away! Stay tuned!