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It is time to set some serious goals, folks.

Giveaway WINNERS (3).

27 Aug By
Hey guys, sorry for being a bit late with results. It was amazing week I went through in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik was a great place to find out what are you work for actually. Last day of my three week long trip I felt like I met one of my favourite ladies ever and that gave even deeper sense […]
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Winners of second circle giveaway on @acrossthegoals.

Giveaway WINNERS (2).

20 Aug By
Hey guys, good morning! As a special thank you to our entire Acro Goal Achievers on Instagram helping us grow and reach first 3k wonderful followers we were giving away 2x 2 Acro planners to 2 lucky winners and their friend. Winners were picked randomly, and they should do following: 1. Tag a friend in […]
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Winners of first circle giveaway on @acrossthegoals.

Giveaway WINNERS.

13 Aug By
Plans are nothing, planning is everything. This week we were giving away 3 Acro planners from NEW yet UNRELEASED collection 2015/2016 on @acrossthegoals Instagram profile. Hello guys! Firstly, I want to thank you all for playing with us. I want you to know what winners went through to win this giveaway. We recieved more than 220 comments, […]
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